If you follow me on instagram here, you will know that this week I went to check out newly opened Busk.

It was a beautiful day in York which made a nice change to the rainy weather England has had of recent. Anyway, as Busk is situated in Fulford and I was in the central part of the city, the walk took me all of about 5-10 minutes from Fenwicks – not far at all for a good caffeine fix.

Now I am no interior designer, but I do appreciate design and it’s something I love exploring in my spare time. Busk is everything I want my own coffee shop to be like, a strong rich blue complemented by gold signage makes it stand out for all the right reasons. The inside is completed with drop down light bulbs at the window, that gives a warm, snug feeling, while using black light fixtures in the central space complemented by wood panelling as a counterpoint, all brought together by using a mirror style board to display the coffee and food menu.

The coffee used is by roost roastery, located in Malton, so local produce is always a win! It tasted great, full of flavour and went down super easy. I cannot comment on the food offering, which compromises oats, sandwiches, salads etc you get the idea but the cakes were fab, and there was A LOT to choose from; definitely an option for everyone.


Their plans for expansion are really exciting but that’s not for me to inform you about, so get there yourself and hear all about it!!

Alice x

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