Hello and Welcome!

I’m Alice, originally from York, I spent four of the best years of my life in Newcastle for University, where I studied Business with Marketing Management for undergrad and Digital Marketing for my postgraduate masters (which is how this blog and Instagram were born). It was a crazy, fun, wild and not to mention tough 4 years and somehow I landed a first in both degrees (still in shock).

But over with the formalities, this is all about food; so…why food? For as long as I can remember I can hand on heart say I adore food in every which way; I’m pretty sure both family and friends could tell you some very interesting and embarrassing stories that involved me and food (nothing weird though). So I guess you could say, this was a long time coming!?

Originally what started off as a case study for my masters dissertation “Eat York” ended up collating a following I didn’t expect in a few months, I honestly thought no-one would be bothered at all so I was so shocked to make it past a few hundred. I soon realised how much I loved to share food adventures and asked myself why the hell I hadn’t done it sooner?! So here we are, everything happens for a reason right?!

So what will you find here? Reviews, maybe sometimes just pictures, and also some recipes because I actually love spending time in the kitchen too! Basically, long story short, wherever I go, you’re coming with me too. I hope you find this useful whether that’s for restaurant inspo, ideas or to even read it to fill a time slot, who knows, but whatever it’s use, I hope you join me and see where it goes!

So, heres to more food comas, indulgence and sweet tooth cravings.

Lets Eat!

A  x








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