Colonel Porter’s

Colonel Porter’s

Last week I was back in my beloved Newcastle and I had a wonderful couple of days. I had the chance to meet up with some people that I care about a lot and have known for many years and what better way to do that then over food and drinks!? Our drinks destination was actually chosen for me this time instead of me making the plans, which was really fun for a change and we headed to Colonel Porter’s. Colonel Porter’s describes itself as a ‘rhum bar, tavern and botanical garden’ situated on Deans Street in Newcastle, so for anyone familiar with Newcastle, adjacent from Livello, so what I class as ‘the start of the quayside’ even if it’s technically not.

Let’s rewind and give you a bit of background info, Colonel Porter’s is named after Colonel Jim Porter who following his time in military service, teamed up with Chief Chemist Archie Jones, and took up the challenge of creating the infamous Newcastle Brown Ale (so surely a good premise for a bar name in the North East right!?).

Now what sets this bar apart from anything else in Newcastle, is the interior and the vintage mixed with new cocktails available from the bar. I don’t know how you feel about a theme, but these days I do believe that they have to be executed fairly well to stand the test of time and really capture the customers imagination! Colonel Porter’s definitely left me with a smile on my face, the interior is vintage, adorned with british flags/union jacks, gramophones, bird cages, the colonel’s photos with fabulously british leather arm chairs while all encaptured with botanical goodness; some even say it gives you a chance to revel in some peaky blinders action.

Colonel Porter’s also serves food but I can only comment on the drinks, a place where ‘Newcastle Brown Ale is enjoyed in its traditional form’, if you’re a fan of that then I’d definitely be getting one of those. I enjoyed multiple ‘Colonel’s Botanical Garden’ cocktails priced at £7.95 containing Hendricks Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, apple juice, lemon juice, rosemary, simple syrup, cucumber, mint and soda and it was DELIGHTFUL, so refreshing and I would 100% recommend it. My friend also sampled the classics; the Bramble (£7.50) and Old Fashioned (£8.50) and definitely enjoyed them also! The atmosphere was great, and it was definitely busy for a Thursday night so I imagine the Friday’s and weekends are pretty packed! So if you have a chance to do something different this weekend then I definitely recommend paying this place a visit.

 I may have let the side down on my cocktail choice as their ‘rhum bar’ description suggests I probably should have tried a rum based drink but hey that’s for next time right? so who’s joining me? Drinks are on me!


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New Year, New Beginnings!


Hopefully I’m not writing to absolutely no-one and someone is actually reading this, otherwise this is pretty embarrassing and somewhat awkward. ANYWAY, after needing a name change (long, boring story) I was also given the push to create (a really original) blog that followed my Instagram page in a little bit more detail.

So what will you find? Reviews, maybe sometimes just pictures, and also some recipes because I actually love spending time in the kitchen too! I hope you find this useful  whether that’s for restaurant inspo, ideas or to even read it to fill a time slot, who knows, but whatever it’s use, I hope you come along with me and see where it goes!

I guess I should probably use this post to introduce myself also, I’m Alice, originally from York, I spent four of the best years of my life in Newcastle for University, where I studied Business with Marketing Management for undergrad and Digital Marketing for my postgraduate masters. It was a crazy, fun, wild and not to mention 4 tough years and somehow I landed a first in both degrees (still in shock).

But over with the formalities, this is all about food; so…why food? For as long as I can remember I can hand on heart say I adore food in every which way; I’m pretty sure both family and friends could tell you some very interesting and embarrassing stories that involved me and food (nothing weird though). This “project” originally started as the case study for my PG dissertation and it was only then I realised how much I loved to share food adventures and asked myself why the hell I hadn’t done it sooner?!

So, heres to more food comas, indulgence and sweet tooth cravings.

Lets Eat!

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Me on my Masters Graduation Evening Meal at SIX before we were all let out on the streets of NCL as students for one last time xoxo